In 1993, our Founder invented the Disklok in response to the theft of two Escort RS Mark II Turbo vehicles within the same year. Since its inception, Disklok has consistently exceeded expectations in terms of quality, performance, and approval among security professionals. This innovative device often qualifies for insurance discounts and stands out as the sole product in the market that rotates on the steering wheel, preventing the vehicle’s steering wheel lock from being compromised, thwarting the theft of airbag assemblies and modern advanced theft techniques like key cloning and keyless “relay” entry thefts.

From its introduction in 1993 until 2005, the Disklok dominated the industry by winning every award for the most robust vehicle security device. Testers eventually conceded as the Disklok demonstrated unparalleled strength.



Despite the presence of advanced security features in modern vehicles, the Disklok continues to enjoy robust sales, especially in susceptible markets such as light premium hatchback, Saloon and SUV’s, Light commercials, Motorhomes, Land Rovers, and classic cars. Since 1993, Disklok has been the UK’s premier full-cover steering wheel lock, providing unrivalled security for three decades. Its unique spinning mechanism activates upon attack, preventing the vehicle’s own wheel lock from breaking and effectively disabling any attempts to steer away. Crafted with all-steel construction, Disklok’s robust reputation serves as a powerful visual deterrent against criminals, whether they employ traditional or keyless entry theft methods.


As one of the most trusted car security brands in the UK, Disklok takes pride in its market-leading range of award-winning steering locks. These locks not only act as excellent deterrents but are also notoriously challenging to remove. Disklok is meticulously designed to surpass every aspect of Sold Secure’s Gold Automotive testing, with annual reviews ensuring ongoing peace of mind for users.





The full-cover Disklok goes beyond conventional security measures by thwarting the most common method of steering wheel lock removal—cutting. The latest Gold edition model represents an enhancement in security, featuring increased resistance to angle grinder attacks. Embedded with specialized materials, this edition is engineered to defy even the most audacious vehicle thief, providing an extra layer of protection for your peace of mind.